App-V Error 04-0000041E

After sequencing OpenOffice 3.2.1 I encountered App-V error 04-0000041E when launching the application. With a delay of some minutes the application closes and App-V showed this error:

App-V Error  04-0000041E

The Application took to long to be ready to interact with the user, possibly because the system was too busy. Try again in a few minutes.

The SFT Tray freezes on “Launching OpenOffice ..”, and after a while the application closed with the above error. Its like App-V doesn’t see the OpenOffice suite was already launched successfully.

Launching App-V application

Solved by changing <SUBSYSTEM VALUE="windows"/> to <SUBSYSTEM VALUE="console"/>.

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  1. Andy Gawronski


    This fix also resolved the same problem with Ooo 3.3. It also resolved a problem when opening (for example) Writer while Calc was already open took a long time. It now immediately opens.

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