App-V Management Server install issues

Installing App-V Management Server 4.5 on Windows Server 2008 x64. With SQL Express 2005 as the database.


#1 Error 25120. The installation program was unable to create the required IIS virtual directory.

Solution: Install Role Service ‘IIS 6 Management Compatibility’ -> IIS 6 Management Console (I checked all, but not sure all the II6 tools are necessary).

#2 Connecting to Application Virtualization Systems (using the App-V console), error: Unable to log into the Application Virtualization System.

App-V Error code 0000c801
App-V Error code 0000c801

Unable to log into the Application Virtualization System, Invalid user name or password, Error code: 0000C801

Solution: Install ‘Windows Authentication’ Role to IIS.

IIS7 Windows Authentication
IIS7 Windows Authentication

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