[DRAFT] SCCM 2007 SP1 install on Server 2008 x64


  • Extend Active Directory Schema (EXTADSCH.exe & check ExtADSch.log),
  • System Management container in AD (ADSI Edit + permissions),
  • Microsoft Remote Differential Compression feature (feature),
  • IIS (role),
  • WebDAV (download),
  • BITS Server Extensions (feature),
  • WSUS Server 3.0 SP2 (download).

IIS Install; Add role, Web Server (IIS): HTTP Redirection, ASP, ASP.NET (accept feature reqs->Add Required Role Services), Basic Authenication, Windows Authentication, URL Authorization, IIS 6 Management compatibility (with all childs).

IIS config: Authentication;  Windows Authentication: Enable

Webdav install

  • Download & Install. Start IIS Manager, Goto Default Website and double click WebDAV Authoring Rules, Enable WebDAV, Add Authoring Rule -> All Content, Specifiel roles or user groups: administrator, Permissions: Read,Source,Write.
  • Click Add Authoring Rules; All content, All users, Read.

WebDAV Settings;

  • “Allow anonymous property queries” -> True
  • “Allow property queries with infinite depth” -> True
  • “Allow Custom Properties” -> False
  • WebDav Behaviour; “Allow hidden files to be listed” -> True.
  • Click Apply to save settings.

Again in IIS Manager;  Default Website, Enable “Windows Authentification”.

Desktop Experience Feature nodig?? I installed it.

WSUS Server 3.0 SP2

Prereq: Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable 2008

  • Full server installation including Administration Console
  • Store updates locally
  • Use an existing database server in this computer <default>; User the existing IIS Default Web site (recommend)
  • Create a Windows Server Update Services 3.0 SP1 Web site

AD Schema extend issue:

I installed all prereqs and updated the schema using EXTADSCH.exe. (ExtADSch.log says “Successfully extended the Active Directory schema.”) But SCCM’s prerequisite checker keeps telling me that the Schema update isn’t done yet! Some say its the firewall on the Server 2008 AD Box, but that didn’t work out for me.

SOLVED; euhm, by login as domain admin on the SCCM box and run the Prerequisite check again :-s

More to come ..

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