App-V error 0A-20000194 after server upgrade

After an App-V Server upgrade from Application Virtualization Server to we encountered the following error:

The Application Virtualization Client could not launch ApplicationName.

The package requested could not be found in the system data store or the files associated with this package could not be found on the server. Report the following error code to your System Administrator.

Error code: XXXXXX-XXXXXX0A-20000194

After some deep digging we (Ali) found out that the App-V Management Server Installer set the CONTENT_DIR back to the default value! As we don’t use the default content dir C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center App Virt Management Server\App Virt Management Server\content we found our problem.

Solve this by manually change the registry key  SOFTGRID_CONTENT_DIR (in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SoftGrid\4.5\Server) to your current Content location (for example \\servername\contentdir).

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