Missing App-V Management Console snap-in (MMC)

I like to have all my admin management tools grouped in one MMC Console (ADUC, ConfigMgr ..). But the Application Virtualization Management Console wasn’t listed in the available snap-ins. Although this was never a big issue to me, but couldn’t handle it anymore ­čÖé

Missing App-V Management Console Snap-in


The AppV Management Console Snap-in was listed on my AppV Server. After reading this blog post on the AppV Blog, I exported this registry key:


AppV Missing Snapin export regkey

And imported it on my workstation .. but no luck, no App Virt Management Console in the Available Snap-ins list.

After digging arround I found out that it’s possible to launch MMC.EXE in a 32bit environment.

mmc.exe /32

AppV Missing Snapin MMC 32bit

Now I’m able to use the AppV Management┬áConsole into my own custom console.

AppV Management Console Snap-in available again

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