The app manager could not create an application from 44-00001007

After sequencing an application using App-V 4.x, the client refuses to get the virtual app.

The sftlog.txt says:

The app manager could not create an application from ‘\\servername\contentshare\appname\osd filename.osd’ (rc xxxxxx45-00000107).

Most of the time this error is about the OS VALUE-tag in the OSD-file. I only had the Win764 value. As I’m only using a Windows 7 x64 client machine there is no problem to use this value.

Because I was out of possibilities to troubleshoot this issue, I removed this OS VALUE from my OSD file. After an AppV server refresh my sftlog.txt gives more info then before!

The client has encountered an XML parsing problem. The error code is 0xC00CE508. Reason: An invalid character was found in text content.

Source Text:   Blah blah blah, (near line 35, character position 156).

AHA, I got the bastard!

I’m using the ABSTRACT-tag as a placeholder for some sequencing/packaging info. Apparently some unsupported character sneaked in!

The previous error message says enough, but opening the OSD file in Internet Explorer can give more information about the XML syntax.

After removing some brackets and colons from the ABSTRACT-tag, the client was able to load my sequenced application!

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